W. Darrow Fiedler

c/o www.kw.com

It’s almost RED Day at Keller Williams, and around the world, KW employees are getting ready for our company’s day of service. The tradition of RED – an acronym that stands for Renew, Energize and Donate – Day goes back to 2009 and takes place on the second Thursday of May each year. On RED Day, KW associates put aside business in favor of spending the day volunteering with a variety of meaningful organizations that are devoted to a wide variety of different important causes. That means 100,000 Keller Williams employees put on their red shirts and sneakers and go out into our communities to give back where we live. As you can imagine, having such a large number of people volunteer really does make a difference; in fact, each RED Day is equivalent to ninety five years of individual service – an entire lifetime’s worth of helping.

Each market center of Keller Williams is encouraged to make the day as impactful as possible for our local communities. The only guideline we must follow is that we have to somehow improve our community, and just how is a decision that each team comes to independently. Working together in the past, Keller Williams employees have rebuilt homes, hosted blood drives, refurbished local parks and even cleaned up community beaches!

The fact that our company devotes a whole day to servicing the communities we live and work in says a lot about our values and the importance we place on giving back. I am looking forward to seeing all of the amazing ways that my colleagues use RED Day to make a difference this year, and I’m proud to be part of a company that cares about helping others.

For more information about RED Day, please visit our website – and thank you for reading!